Savioke (pronounced "savvy oak") is creating autonomous robot helpers for the services industry. We are passionate about delivering easy-to-use yet sophisticated robots that can help people. We aim to improve the lives of people by developing and deploying robotic technology in human environments - the places people live and work.

Over time, personal robots will help people to achieve their potential, enhancing our strengths, overcoming our weaknesses, and endowing us with new capabilities we are just beginning to imagine. We are inspired by people who use technology to overcome disabilities, and we believe that robots have the potential to make all of our lives better.

We treat our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our partners and most importantly those who use our technology with the respect that is due to all people. We enjoy what we do, and aim for our technology to bring joy to those who encounter it. And we hold each other to a high level of responsibility and performance, so that as a company we can achieve great things.

Focus, focus, focus. Every great journey begins with a single step. We begin with a mobile delivery robot for the hospitality industry, but we plan to revolutionize the way things move in hotels, elder care facilities, hospitals, restaurants… anywhere people sleep, eat or work. 

We believe in the power of open source software. We leverage and contribute back to the Robot Operating System (ROS) that we helped to develop at Willow Garage, which is maintained by the Open Source Robotics Foundation and a worldwide community of developers.