Savioke Completes $17 Million Series B Round

By Steve Cousins, Founder & CEO, Savioke

We are thrilled to announce that our series B funding round closed this week with additional investment from Mori Trust, Japan’s largest real estate management and development company.  This final investment brings Savioke’s total funding to nearly $35 million.

This round expands the use of Relay, the standard in autonomous service robots, to healthcare in addition to hospitality. The new funds allow us to expedite development of advanced robotic and AI solutions to significantly improve the productivity, efficiency, and welfare of the people who serve these domains.  


Relay robots are already bringing the benefits of automated delivery to hospitals throughout North America and Europe.  Prior to Relay deployment, most nurses and technicians hand-delivered medications or specimens throughout the hospital, leaving units understaffed and patients at risk for sometimes hours each day.  Today, thanks to Relay, these highly skilled, highly paid employees can focus on their valuable work, uninterrupted by the mundane, time consuming task of delivery.


We continue to expand the use of Relay robots In hospitality, our first and largest customer base, where Relay is now used in larger hotels to increase the productivity of teams of runners and significantly improve the guest experience.

We are grateful to Mori Trust as well as Brain Corp, Swisslog and our other investors who continue to work with us on our ambitious growth trajectory and support our vision to be the #1 service robotics company in the world.

Savioke Raises $13.4 Million in Series B Funding

By Steve Cousins, Founder & CEO, Savioke
Relay Robots Now Delivering in the Hospital Market

Relay Robots Now Delivering in the Hospital Market

All of us at Savioke are happy to announce that we have closed $13.4 Million in Series B funding. New investors in this round include Brain Corp, Swisslog Healthcare, NESIC, and Recruit. The round brings Savioke’s total funding to $31 million.

Since 2014, Relay robots have made  hundreds of thousands of deliveries, in hundreds of locations, around and among countless numbers of people. In short, our friendly delivery robots have proven to be reliable, safe, and valuable in a wide range of environments around the world including  in hotels and logistics facilities.

Since 2014, Relay robots have made over 300,000 deliveries in hotels, hospitals, and logistics facilities

Since 2014, Relay robots have made over 300,000 deliveries in hotels, hospitals, and logistics facilities

With the new round of funding, we are expanding into the hospital market where Relay can help nurses, lab technicians, and other healthcare workers deliver essential items like specimens, medication, and supplies throughout the hospital.  

Savioke was founded on the belief that robotic automation can help people. We know that adding robots to teams enables  the overall team to be more productive and allows the people on the team to do more valuable work. In the hospital environment, Relay will help highly-skilled nurses and technicians focus on their most important job rather than the time consuming task of delivery, which can put patients at risk and leave units understaffed.   

Swisslog is a crucial partner for us in bringing Relay to healthcare. “Many hospitals are seeking to automate tedious, repetitive tasks that take skilled staff away from patients and other critical work,” said Stephan Sonderegger, CEO of Swisslog Healthcare. “This is exactly the problem Savioke mobile robots can solve. There are many applications for this automated services technology in healthcare, which we have already begun to prove.”

We look forward to using technology from our new partner, Brain Corp, an AI company specializing in the development of self-driving technology for robots, to help us continue to innovate and scale. 

“We have experienced strong success automating the floor care industry, and as part of our growth strategy, are now introducing the BrainOS platform across a multitude of other applications,” said Brain Corp Co-founder and CEO Eugene Izhikevich. “Savioke has a unique product, early traction and experienced leadership. We are confident Savioke and Brain Corp will make ideal partners as we work together to make robots part of our day-to-day lives.”  Check out Brain Corp"s official funding announcement.

Our new funding and partners represent a major opportunity for growth, not only expanding into new markets, but new use cases that allow Relay to provide more meaningful work and become a more valued member of the team. Special thanks to my brilliant team at Savioke, who continue to give their time, passion, and energy to create a company and product we are all proud of.

Steve Cousins and Relay Take Center Stage at the American Lodging Investment Summit

Savioke CEO Steve Cousins and Relay to present at ALIS conference

Savioke CEO Steve Cousins and Relay to present at ALIS conference

The Savioke team (including Relay) is headed to Los Angeles next week to talk robots and present new hospitality solutions at ALIS, the leading and largest hotel investment conference in the world.   

Steve Cousins, Savioke Founder and CEO, will join a panel of industry experts to speak about robotics and automation as part of the ALIS Talk Tech series on Monday, January 22nd.  Relay will also be featured throughout the conference, showing off his navigation and delivery skills at the ALIS Tech Lounge.

Along with demonstrating Relay’s delivery solution, the Savioke team will be on hand to introduce new Relay features being rolled out in the coming weeks, including WiFi monitoring, tray and debris detection, and social mingling.    

The American Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) takes place on January 22-24 at the JW Marriott LA Live in Los Angeles. Savioke, an ALIS Tech Lounge sponsor, can be found on the Diamond Level in space #30.  Contact us to set up a demonstration or learn more about Relay’s new solutions.