[I was once advised that every presentation should either implicitly or explicitly answer “who are you and why are you here?” at the beginning, since the audience will be trying to figure it out before they hear your message anyway. I was once asked the question directly during a job interview… awkward, especially since I’d been working with the interviewer as in intern for 6 months… but I digress.]

We are a group of people who intend to make the world a better place by creating robots that help people. We do not intend to create a race of robot overlords. Rather, we will create robots that enable people to do more: to stretch outside the bounds of our bodies, to do things we could never do, or can no longer do.

We are also impatient. Many of us have the training to be successful academic researchers, but we want to see the results of our work sooner rather than later. We want to solve problems and then see our solutions in action, making the world a better place.

We want to change the world. Although robots are often portrayed as evil or controlling, that’s more Hollywood story-making than reality. We have seen firsthand the power that robots under human control can have for good: we are inspired by the stories on the Robots for Humanity website (r4h.org), in which robots help people to overcome disabilities.

Although Savioke is only a few months old, the founding team had worked together at Willow Garage (www.willowgarage.com), where we contributed to Robots for Humanity with the PR2 robots, and where we forged our resolve to put robots into the world for good.