1000 Kilometers and counting

We're proud to report on some big milestones at Savioke. In the course of doing over 4000 deliveries, our robots have now traversed over 1000 km autonomously indoors, well over half of that on trips involving elevator rides. We have also retired the last SaviOne robot from the field, so all hotel deliveries going forward will be done by our new Relay robots. 

Thanks to all those guests of the Cupertino Aloft and Silicon Valley Aloft hotels who have tried the Botlr robot delivery service, taken selfies with the robots, and posted very nice Trip Advisor reviews mentioning them. And a special thanks to the Aloft staff members who tirelessly answer the questions "what is that?" and "what does it do?" with "try it!"

We can't wait for the day when there are thousands of Relay robots doing deliveries all around the world, but right now we're celebrating this important milestone along the way.