Savioke Announces First Las Vegas Installation and New Relay Features

Savioke is sharing big news at the Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2018) this week, including the launch of two Relay robots in the Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas and three new features that will expand Relay’s utilization beyond guest room delivery.


Meet Elvis and Priscilla

As part of a recently completed multimillion dollar transformation, the Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas is now employing Relay robots, nicknamed Elvis and Priscilla, to provide guests with quick delivery of bath amenities, toothpaste, or other products directly to their rooms. Strategically located adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Renaissance Hotel is the first hotel in Las Vegas to install Relay robots.

New Features Expand Relay’s Capabilities  

In the next few weeks, Savioke will begin rolling out three new features that will make Relay a more useful and valuable member of the hotel staff. Going beyond guest room deliveries, Relay’s new capabilities include WiFi detection and reporting, tray/debris monitoring, and social mingling.  Below is more detail on each new feature:

  • WiFi monitoring. Poor or slow WiFi connectivity is consistently one of the top five most common hotel guest complaints but often difficult to detect. Relay’s WiFi detection mode provides hotels and other properties with real time notification of WiFi strength by autonomously navigating through hallways to analyze the WiFi strength at different access points throughout the property. When a weak WiFi signal is detected, Relay immediately notifies the front desk or IT staff of the problem. Relay can perform this check multiple times daily, allowing the hotel to identify and resolve WiFi issues before guests are impacted.   
  • Tray/debris detection and reporting. For most hotels, walking each floor to find and remove food trays, trash, carts, and other items left outside guest rooms is a necessary, yet time consuming chore—especially at night when staff is limited. With tray and debris detection, Relay patrols hotel hallways to find unwanted items and obstacles. He then notifies hotel staff so the items can be removed. Relay can run this check multiple times daily, allowing the hotel to identify and remove items before guests are affected.  
  • Social mingling. Improving the guest experience means continually delighting and engaging guests at every stage of their hotel stay. “Mingle mode” enables Relay to navigate through public areas, stopping to interact with and entertain hotel guests waiting at the registration desk, passing time in the lobby or lounge, or simply relaxing in a common area. Hotels can choose from multiple levels of interaction including having Relay display information, surveys, jokes, and custom hotel messages on his screen, as well as deliver treats or items to guests.

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