Relay Delivers to Healthcare


Trackable Autonomous Delivery Throughout the Hospital

The Relay autonomous service robot provides secure chain-of-custody for delivery of medication, specimens and other items throughout the hospital 24/7. Reliable, friendly, and nimble, Relay navigates safely through busy public corridors and lobbies, increasing productivity and job satisfaction by taking over the dull, time-consuming task of delivery.


Relay At Your Service

  • Secure, trackable chain of custody

  • Navigates safely through busy corridors

  • Safe for hazardous drugs

  • Low monthly lease

  • Autonomous elevator operation

  • 24/7 Service & Support

  • Long battery life


Trackable Chain-of-Custody

Relay’s authentication options provide pharmacists with a verifiable trail for every medication delivered throughout the hospital. Additionally, sophisticated software and “Uber-like” maps show real-time delivery status while tracking and reporting delivery history.


Do-Not-Tube Delivery Option

With lockable bin, smooth, trackable navigation and cleanable container, Relay provides a safe and secure option for delivering hazardous medications, controlled substances, blood and other items that can’t be sent through a pneumatic tube system.


ROI of Autonomous Delivery

Hospitals can easily save hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor each year by letting Relay take over the time-consuming task of delivery, Relay also boosts productivity and job satisfaction by allowing skilled technicians to focus on more valuable work.

Versatile Payload Provides a Range of Solutions

From chemotherapy drugs to blood products, food to gifts, Relay's cleanable, secure, deep container accommodates delivery of the multitude of items transported throughout a hospital every day.


Relay Customer Story


Relay Delivers ROI