Relay Delivers to High-Rise


Fast, Convenient, Personal Delivery-24 Hours a Day.

From take-out to contracts, lattes to flowers, Relay spoils tenants of high-rise apartments or offices with immediate, secure delivery right to their door. Relay happily works weekends and holidays, delighting residents and supporting staff with every delivery.


Relay At Your Service

  • Safe, dynamic navigation
  • Autonomous elevator operation

  • Fast, reliable, secure

  • Lockable payload

  • Long battery life, recharges itself

  • Easy to learn and use

  • 24/7 service & support included

Trust and Security

When valuable or confidential items must reach a resident, Relay's lockable payload and trackable navigation ensures those deliveries arrive securely and intact. And Relay provides a level of security within your property that only a robot can offer.

The Ultimate Amenity

Having Relay on your team delivers convenience to your tenants, satisfaction to your staff, and attention to your property.  Relay delivery is a cost-effective innovation that boosts awareness while increasing efficiency.

More Than Convenience

Relay is the solution to the ever-increasing demand for faster delivery. Remarkably reliable and always friendly, Relay can improve delivery time and offer delivery when the option wasn't available before. 


“We have designed everything to save time for us and for our residents. Relay will take you anything you want. It provides better service and it’s fun.”

— VP, Crescent Heights