Meet Relay

The first autonomous delivery robot for dynamic indoor environments where people work, live, and play.


Relay at Your Service

Delivering Productivity, Reliability, Security, & Safety



Relay autonomously delivers tools, materials, and equipment directly to technicians, optimizing process flow and eliminating time waste. Using real time metrics, Relay tracks where and when items will arrive so workers can optimize their workflow and supervisors can stay informed of items at different locations.



Relay allows hotel staff to focus on improving the guests experience by taking over the task of room delivery. From towels and toothbrushes to coffee and full meals, Relay autonomously operates elevators and navigates crowded lobbies and hallways to quickly deliver items directly to the guest room.


Luxury Residential

Relay is revolutionizing apartment living with autonomous delivery of packages, food, even flowers from front desk staff to apartment tenants. Relay independently operates elevators and integrates with digital devices to ensure convenience while providing superior security, speed, and reliability.


Here Now

Relay has completed over 56,000 autonomous deliveries.

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