Relay Delivers to Logistics


Increase Productivity. Decrease Waste. Boost Quality.

Relay is the safest, most secure autonomous indoor delivery robot for the busy, dynamic environments of logistics and manufacturing. A single-piece-flow solution, Relay autonomously navigates through busy work areas and down narrow aisles, even those too tight for mobile racks, to deliver higher employee satisfaction and more efficient and uniform workflow.


Relay At Your Service

  • Rugged, fast, and reliable
  • Rich, real-time metrics

  • Long battery life, recharges itself

  • Autonomous elevator operation

  • Trackable chain of custody

  • 24/7 service and support included

A Focus on Quality

Reliable, trackable, and fast, Relay eliminates the frustration of slow, often erroneous delivery methods, allowing technicians to focus on their core tasks without distraction.

Just-In-Time Delivery

Relay lowers inventory expenses and reduces waste by delivering materials, tools, and other items as they are needed rather than bundling orders. The result is smoother workflow and higher quality.

Reducing Turn-Over

When skilled technicians are pushing carts, productivity is lost and job satisfaction is affected.  Let Relay handle the tedious chore of delivery so workers can focus on more valuable, rewarding work.


“Picture a world where repetitive, tedious, or dangerous manual labor is uncommon. The outlook for robotics is very positive and the world of logistics will benefit from the coming advances in robotics technology.”

— Robotics in Logistics, DHL Trend Research