Meet Relay

Autonomous Single-Piece-Flow.

Relay is the first person-to-person delivery robot that increases productivity and efficiency within the busy, unstructured environments of Repair, Refurbishing, Testing, and MRO facilities.  


Improve Productivity

Relay quickly and reliably delivers tools, materials, and small equipment directly to an individual’s workstation, optimizing process flow and eliminating time waste.

Intelligent Navigation

Using advanced sensors and cameras, Relay safely navigates around people and objects, even in the most crowded, fast-paced, dynamic environments. 


Real Time Data Metrics

Relay tracks where and when items will arrive so workers can optimize their workflow and supervisors can stay aware of items as they reach different stages.

Unsurpassed Safety

With nearly 100,000 successful deliveries, Relay’s extensive safety testing includes thousands of kilometers maneuvering in unpredictable human environments.


Are You Ready for Relay?

Relay has completed nearly 100,000 autonomous deliveries. Contact us to learn how Relay can deliver for your organization.