Savioke Relay Acceptable Use Policy

Relay is an autonomous delivery system designed to take things from one person to another in a hotel (or similar) environment. This page describes "acceptable use" for Relay: what can safely be sent with it and where it can safely be used. It also describes other common-sense safety tips about using the robot.

What can be sent

Relay is designed to carry loads of up to 10 pounds inside it's closed bin. The bin must be closed to protect the contents from tampering during transit. As it moves, Relay will go over bumps in the hallway (e.g. when entering the elevator or going over thresholds or other transitions in the floor). As a result, do not transport open containers of liquid in Relay.

Never transport dangerous materials in the Relay's bin.

Where Relay can go

Relay is intended for indoor use only. Do not drive them or cause them to drive themselves outdoors. They must be kept away from the top of open staircases. If a floor has unobstructed access to an open staircase, the robot must be kept off that floor or the staircase must be otherwise protected. Keep Relay far away from swimming pools and hot tubs. The water, chlorine and humidity in these areas may damage the robot.

Safety tips

  • Don't put fingers around wheels or casters.
  • Don't put fingers into laser bay
  • If any part of the Relay breaks, take it out of service and call for maintenance.


Relay's panels should never be removed except for repair and/or maintenance by Relay Certified personnel.  Transporting and/or setting Relay in motion without its panels affixed is prohibited.  Removing Relay's panels for purposes other than its repair and maintenance is an infringement of Savioke's intellectual property.