2014 Press archive:

Digital Arts December 27, 2014

Robots in 2014: the six most exciting robots of the past year

PBS NOVA December 26, 2014

Big Idea of 2014: Our New Robot Economy

CNN December 18, 2014

'Botlers,' 'braggies' and the sharing economy: What will travel look like in 2015?

Entrepreneur December 10, 2014

Cheaper Business Flights and Other Travel Trends for 2015

KALW December 8, 2014

Robots for humanity: how technology is changing the life of one Bay Area man

Drive the District November 25, 2014

Sorry Jeeves, the Robot Butler is Coming

Wall Street Journal November 25, 2014

Venture Money Pours into Robotics Startups

Mountain View Voice November 17, 2014

A robot for everything

Xconomy November 14, 2014

Rosie the Maid 2.0: Savioke Builds a Hotel Delivery Robot

The Star Online November 8, 2014

Robot at your service in hotels

Mountain View Voice November 6, 2014

Safety and Service Will Rely On Robots

TechCrunch August 21, 2014

This Robot Butler Tried To Get Me Drunk

Gigaom August 20, 2014

Savioke’s first robot begins its career as a hotel bellhop

Bloomberg Business August 19, 2014

Robot Butler Debuts At Cupertino, CA Hotel

Wired August 15, 2014

Meet the Company Designing Robot Bellhops for Hotels

Hotel Management August 14, 2014

Aloft rolls out robotic butler

Hospitality Technology August 14, 2014

Aloft Hotels Recruits Robot for Front- and Back-of-House Duties

Buying Business Travel August 14, 2014

Aloft enlists ‘robot butlers’ to serve guests

CBS San Francisco August 13, 2014

Robot Butlers At Cupertino Hotel Could Revolutionize Room Service

International Business Times August 13, 2014

Meet Botlr: World's First Robot Bellhop Being Trialled at Silicon Valley Hotel

Silicon Valley Business Journal August 13, 2014

Need fresh towels? Aloft Cupertino using robotic butlers from local startup

InformationWeek August 13, 2014

Robot Room Service Hits Aloft Hotel Group

USA Today August 12, 2014

Ready for the hotel industry's first robotic butler?

CNBC August 12, 2014

Robots 'invade' Starwood Hotels

Mashable August 12, 2014

Google-Backed Robot Concierge Accepts Tweets as Tips

New York Times August 11, 2014

‘Beep,’ Says the Bellhop

Slashgear April 14, 2014

Google invests in Savioke robo service start-up

The Robot Report April 14, 2014

Filling in the puzzle pieces of Willow Garage and Savioke

CIO April 9, 2014

Google Shows More Love for Robots with Savioke Investment

Robotics Business Review April 9, 2014

Savioke Raises $2M in Funding for Services Industry Robot

BBC April 9, 2014

Google invests in Silicon Valley robot-maker Savioke

IEEE Spectrum April 9, 2014

Savioke Scores $2 Million in Seed Funding From Google Ventures and Others

TechCrunch April 9, 2014

Savioke Gets $2M To Build A ‘Services Industry’ Robot

Gigaom April 9, 2014

Savioke raises $2M to bring a personable robot to the service industry

Re/code April 9, 2014

Robot Startup Raises $2 Million From Morado, Google Ventures and AME





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